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Pinewood Derby 2016

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Workshops January 16th and 23rd  11am-3pm
Weigh In February 5th 7:30pm
Race Day February 6th 9am
All events held at Mission Springs Community Church Directions

Mission Springs Community Church

Workshops are an optional event for boys to work on their cars.  Boys will be instructed in the basics of car construction and will have access to basic tools.  Tigers and first timers can expect to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours on a car.  Experienced racers may spend much more time perfecting their designs.  There are many websites and videos with valuable tips and tricks for car design.

For the Workshops:
safety goggles
work gloves
band saw
band sander
Pop-up Tent
For the Check-in, Scoring, and Car Contest:
Laptop with Excel program loaded with all boys names, organized by den.
Backup Laptop
1" colored dots to label cars
sharpie pens
Ballot forms to vote on 3 best looking cars
Scale, with spare battery
Track setup:
Flashlight or lamp for under stage
30 foot extension cord
multiple outlet power strip
several 2" rubber bands
5mm or 3/16" hex driver
Philips small screwdriver
Philips medium screwdriver
Flat medium screwdriver
2 spare 20W aquarium/piano light bulbs
Repair items:
Disposable 8ft table cover
Wood block to support cars for wheel placement
blue tape
Duct tape
spare wheel set
Drill with 1" fortner bit to remove weight, or make hole to hold weights.